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Blue and Gold Incorporated

For all things Beetle and Booster

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All Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, all the time!
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Note: This community is currently on moderated membership. Go ahead and sign up; if you look legit, I'll add you ASAP. If you look like a troll (i.e. no posts in your journal), you will remain in the moderation queue. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me (poisonivory). (If you have a friends-only journal, just shoot me a PM so I know you're legit.)

It had to be done.

One's a wisecracking technogeek with an insect fetish and a dicky heart. The other's a football star from the future with the biggest ego this side of Keystone. They fight crime!

This is a community for all things Blue Beetle and Booster Gold related. (The above paragraph notwithstanding, that includes all Beetles and Boosters, so Dan and Jaime fans, feel free to come play!) Although the community username is the "ship name," this community is not exclusively for slash (blue_and_gold was taken, drat 'em), although it is certainly welcome. Scans, fic, art, icons, meta, favorite moments...anything Blue, Gold, or Blue and Gold that you want to post is welcome here!


1. No flaming. Come on, now, people. This one's obvious. Don't like slash? Don't like a specific person? Don't like Ted's opaque goggles? Fine. Be nice anyway.

2. No netspeak. The English language, please (or plzthx, if that helps).

3. No intro posts. It's very nice to meet you, I'm sure, but please, make sure you have actual content in your posts. If you want to introduce yourself, do it with a scan or a favorite quote or some icons or something.

4. Large scans or other images that might beat up people's friendspages go behind a cut. (Let's say that's anything bigger than about, oh...300 x 300 pixels. Imagine yourself on dialup. Would you want to wait for that image to load?) Same goes for more than three icons. Warn for images that may not be worksafe. (For those who don't know, an lj-cut looks like this: < lj-cut text = "Your Text Here" >. Just remove the spaces.)

5. Any fic longer than a drabble (100 words) also goes behind a cut. If your story contains any non- or dubious consent issues, or anything else that might make people uncomfortable, warn for it. Use your judgment!

6. Make sure to read the scan policy before posting scans.

That looks like it for now. Have at, folks!

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