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I'm guessing the bulk of y'all are over on Tumblr not reading this post, but just in case anyone missed the news (and in hopes of getting a more coherent discussion going on than Tumblr's setup allows for) I figured I'd mention this here: after nine long years, Ted Kord is back, in Forever Evil #7. And he looks HILARIOUS:

Thoughts, feelings, flailings? Personally, though that art is dreadful and I'm hoping future appearances will fix his hair and his giraffe neck, I'm thrilled to see that he still can't dress himself worth a damn. Oh Tedward, baby, how I've missed your conviction that gray goes with brown goes with black.
and i have all your powers

Discussion Post: All-Star Western #20

I haven't gotten a chance to pick it up yet, but I believe Booster is in the latest issue. Last month's was a delight, so I recommend reading at least these two Booster-centric issues, if you haven't been already!

Also, is anyone reading Smallville? I've got an over-excited post with scans in the docket, but Booster (and Skeets! and a Jaime cameo! and mentions of Ted!) is in the current arc, and it's equally delightful.
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Discussion Post: All-Star Western #19

It's been a while since we've had a discussion post 'round these parts, but Booster Gold is back, baby! Specifically in the pages of All-Star Western #19. And this isn't just a cameo - he gets more page time than Jonah Hex, and it looks like he'll be around next month at least.

So: did anyone read it? I thought it was adorable, personally.

Also, is anyone out there reading Smallville? The latest arc features Booster (and Jaime and Skeets!), though it's only available digitally so far. I'm behind on my e-comics but I definitely plan on reading this one.

(And of course Booster appears in All-Star Western the day after I delete all my Justice Riders icons. Darn you, Booster Gold!)