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Convergence Booster Gold #1 and #2 [May. 28th, 2015|10:39 pm]
All Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, all the time!



I noticed nothing was posted here so what did everyone think?

From: muccamukk
2015-05-29 04:16 am (UTC)
(I think your cut didn't work like you planned.)

Anyway. IDK. I found the whole thing really bland and kind of out of character. With no transition for Rip being open about his Dad, the switch between him being quietly affectionate and almost parental towards Booster to being all "Dad!" this and that was a bit jarring for me.

Poor Rani is apparently entirely forgotten.

It was nice to see Michelle use her powers and actually get to do something, but then she and Skeets were more or less sidelined for the rest of the book.

It was nice to see Booster and Ted together, but they too were kind of off feeling, not the least because Ted was calling Booster "Michael" all the time, and they just sort of felt so rushed and then didn't even get a proper goodbye. I'd almost rather not have had Ted if it had made the rest of the book feel less rushed.

Now Booster's Waverider!? What? That felt like killing off the last bit of the old universe, and was really sad. Especially since Waverider basically didn't do anything in Convergence itself.

I guess I generally don't like Booster when he's written by Jurgens. It's all kind of bland and dull to me.
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[User Picture]From: erin_starlight
2015-05-29 05:04 am (UTC)
Yeah, it didn't work for some reason so I moved the original content to my LJ.

Having Rip suddenly be open about his dad (in front of enemies no less) was jarring but I didn't find his affection to be out of character. We saw traces of it in BG vol 2. and saw more of their relationship in TMVP.

Honestly I don't mind Rani not being mentioned because I never thought she fit well.

True, although in Skeets case it was a bit strange as he's the new Skeets.

I think Jurgens was just going along with the Michael idea that was used a few years back. Although I saw it kind of as Ted really freaking enough to start using his first name. Their interaction was stifled little bit because it felt like there wasn't enough room for them to talk. Plus Booster pretty much pushes him and the others away at the end.

The Booster Rider thing honestly bothered me the most. We got a new Waverider in TMVP, we didn't need a new one. Especially since it seemed to take away his personality and made him all business.

The last part bothered me but I think the first had a lot of heart. Like dad Booster saying he mattered. Rip revealing that Booster was dying, The moment at the end of issue one where Ted found Booster. I loved the first issue and feel so disappointed by the ending.
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From: muccamukk
2015-05-29 05:16 am (UTC)
JL is being really weird about cuts since the bit code change.

I'll buy the affection for sure. It was always there, and it was nice to see so open, but I thought his parentage was like an intergalactic time secret! Oh well.

Aw. I always loved Rani. I miss her.

I guess switching to Michael was Johns or Winick or someone, but it always seemed that Ted never used it, even when he was freaking out, like when Booster was in a coma or whatnot. Oh well.

There were some really sweet interactions, especially in the first issue, but SO RUSHED, and to that ending.

Why was Booster dying anyway? None of the other time travellers are dying. Comics, I guess.

Hopefully we'll find out more about what's happening in the September solicitations, though I'm hoping that if it's anything, it'll be with a different writer.
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[User Picture]From: erin_starlight
2015-05-29 05:43 am (UTC)
I notice I just have to play around with it at some point.

It didn't make sense for Rip to tell new Booster especially since he doesn't know if that world has a Rip It was really weird for them to talk about it in front of enemies too. But I figure Jurgens wanted Rip to be open so he can have the moment where he screws the rules for his dad. Michelle didn't even seem surprised which I'm writing off as happening off screen since she's much younger than dad Booster. I adored the affection and actually getting to see it more.

Rani is problematic for me. I like that she had Booster question fatherhood but I didn't like how everyone instantly pressured him into being her dad. Booster had a bad father and for some reason Michelle forgot that? Lets just say I didn't like much about that run,

I can't recall who started it at the moment. When it did start I began making headcanons for it. Although Booster did go by Michael Carter when he started Planet Krypton back in the 90s. They had some of that take place in normal canon so that may be why.

It was so rushed. The word bubbles were wrong more than once. It had Skeets calling Booster his father.

He absorbed too much time energy, to Jurgens credit this was mentioned in a number of books. I believe Johns mentioned needing protecting in the time stream in BG Vol. 2 (which is why Rip had a time driving suit.) Someone recently reminded me of the Linear Men who had to replace their human bodies with mechanical parts because of it. Others have ages too fast with it or become time anomalies,

I'm hoping for something new for Booster. Whoever it is I hope their good, Jurgens seems to be busy with Bat books at the moment.
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From: muccamukk
2015-05-29 04:25 am (UTC)
On the other hand, I quite enjoyed the Blue Beetle comic with Charlton era Ted, Nate and Vic. And the JLI comic with Ted leading the team had its moments.
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[User Picture]From: erin_starlight
2015-05-29 05:07 am (UTC)
I heard Blue Beetle was good and may pick it up at a later date. The Convergence titles were to pricey for me.
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From: muccamukk
2015-05-29 05:17 am (UTC)
Nothing interesting happened in Convergence itself anyway. You can get the highlights on any of the comics sites.
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[User Picture]From: erin_starlight
2015-05-29 05:24 am (UTC)
I know, I but I got the main series, Booster Gold and Batgirl. I still want to get Blue Beetle and probably will once it goes on clearance.
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From: muccamukk
2015-05-29 05:12 pm (UTC)
I hear you. I want to check out some of the bat titles in this, but $$$. Maybe later.
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