lacking in glitter (tawg) wrote in boostle,
lacking in glitter

Comixology sale - Booster Gold (2007-2011)

Comixology is having a seven-day sale on "The World of (the New 52) Future's End (The Future is Now)". A bunch of relevant titles are currently 99c per digital issue - there's some Future's End, Batman Beyond, two flavours of Hawkman, and some Frankenstein stuff. I didn't even know DC had a Frankenstein. The things you learn during comic book events.

Booster Gold comics can be found here.

I haven't read anything of this run (aside from scans and reviews posted here). I was thinking of getting the arc with Ted, but going by covers it looks like Ted (or Ted-ness) turns up fairly consistently. Thankfully this sale extends over my payday, so I get get the whole lot.

(If you have any questions about Comixology, this post will probably be an okay place to ask them.)
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