Min (genderblender) wrote in boostle,

Duet of a Ficlet and a Drabble

Title: Replacement
Fandom: comics: DCU
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Booster Gold, Blue Beetle III
Word Count: 1882
Warnings: underage, implied possession, dubious consent, roleplaying, implied time travel
Notes: Oh lordy if this isn't one of the most sexual fics I've written in a long time. Did anyone ask for smut?

In which Jaime suggests that Booster pretends he's Ted Kord.

( It was a bad game from the start. Jaime was willing, and he played the role of Ted Kord too well. )

Title: Imaginary Friend
Fandom: DCU
Rating: G
Characters: Ted Kord, Skeets
Word Count: 485
Notes: Came to me in a dream, and by dream I mean, what I think of when I go to bed and stare at the ceiling when I should be sleeping.

Wherein, Ted and Skeets bond.

( The Time Lab was empty more often than there were people in it, but Ted stayed behind anyway. )
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