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Kink Meme de Nouveau! [May. 27th, 2010|10:56 pm]
All Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, all the time!


[mood |naughtynaughty]

It's been about six months since the old kink meme. I say a new one is in order! (And we Americans will have a whole long weekend to play in it.)

How to play:

1. Anonymously comment with a pairing and kink/prompt, like “Jaime/Paco/Brenda, threesome,” or “Dan Garrett/Joan Mason, handcuffs," or "Ted/Booster, werewolves mate for life, and there's a reason Ted's so hairy.” If you need inspiration, a handy list of kinks can be found here, or you can just look at my mood icon. Oh, Booster.

2. See a prompt you like? Reply anonymously, with fic or art. Multiple responses are encouraged – the more the merrier!

3. Hooray!

The Rules

- No judging and no flaming. If you don’t like someone’s kink, fine. Ignore it and move on.

- No outing. If you know who someone is, keep it to yourself.

- If you write something that might be triggering, like non-con or dubcon, warn for it. I don't care if the prompt is "[Character A] rapes [Character B]" and you figure everyone will know it's non-con; put "TRIGGER WARNING: NON-CON" at the top anyway. Better safe than sorry!

- It doesn’t just have to be Ted/Booster! As long as Booster or a Beetle is involved (yes, you may use Black Beetle), you’re good. So Ted/Babs, Booster/Jay Garrick, Jaime/Jar Jar Binks…it’s all fine. Heck, let’s open it up a bit – Skeets and the other Carters are okay too. (Carters related to Booster – save your Jimmy Carter requests for presidential_kink, politics buffs!)

- You can make multiple requests, but don’t go crazy throwing down requests if there are a ton of unfilled ones. You may also make requests even if you’re not comfortable writing porn yourself, but please don’t be afraid to give writing it a shot. We’re all friends here, and you’re safely anonymous!

- Feel free to repost unfilled prompts from the old kink meme. Heck, feel free to repost filled ones; who doesn't need more Dan Garrett hookerart/fic in their life, am I right?

- Have fun!

From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-29 07:01 am (UTC)


Booster's relaxed and ready, but Ted still goes slow, pausing whenever he feels the slightest resistance. They've had plenty of fast, messy, reckless fucks, but not tonight. Tonight he's taking his time. He sinks in deep, and Booster whispers his name, and this might be heaven.

Wrapping one arm around Booster's waist, Ted leans forward against his back, pressing down till Booster folds flat against the bed. There's not much leverage like this, and he can't be too forceful, but the tradeoff is Booster's whole body pressed against his, and that's worth it.

He's not sure where this mood came from, but all he can do is take Booster gently, reverently, rocking him into the mattress and pressing his mouth against Booster's shoulder. Beneath him, Booster rolls his hips encouragingly, tilts his head to the side so Ted can see the look of dazed bliss on his face, and Ted kisses his cheek and nibbles his ear while he pants out happy nonsense.

"Ted, god, please - so good, please, don't stop..."

The only problem with the way they're arranged now is that Ted can't really get a hand under Booster to touch him, but that doesn't seem to matter; Booster is grinding his hips against the mattress with every thrust, and Ted can feel the tremors that go through him, little shocks of motion that make Ted's eyes roll back and his nerves spark. Booster brings shaky hands up to thread into Ted's hair, pressing him down close, and Ted clings to Booster's hips and pants against his neck.

He knows Booster's coming well before it actually happens; Booster's stream of pleas and moans gets more and more incoherent, and he writhes under Ted, fingers flexing restlessly in his hair. Ted rocks in harder, again, again, till finally Booster gasps out his name and trembles around him, eyelids fluttering. The way he shudders and clenches is more than Ted can stand, and he's not far behind, pressing his head into Booster's shoulder and letting it wash over him.

He doesn't want to move, so for a long while he doesn't.

Finally, he slides out and rolls off to the side, resolving to clean up later, some time when Booster isn't pulling him in and kissing sloppily at his cheek.

"That," he says, still breathless, "was not 'a little' seducing."

Ted grins. "I didn't check my math."

"Some scientist you are."

"Sue me."

"I should," Booster declares, lazily nipping his chin. "You've got money."

"Oh, right," Ted says with a chuckle, "and what's the charge?"

"Sexual harassment. Staring at my ass in the workplace."

"Please. I just like your costume."

Booster's still laughing when they kiss.
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-29 07:06 am (UTC)

Re: 4/4

Ngh. Looooove.
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-29 07:23 am (UTC)

Re: 4/4

Oh boys, you need to be this adorable forever <3
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-29 08:35 am (UTC)

Re: 4/4

OP here. Ughn. That was perfection. I'll be in my bunk. Mmmnngh.

Captcha says: years humblest. That I am. Thank you, anon!
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-29 10:26 pm (UTC)

Re: 4/4

Unnnnnnf, so much yes. Hot and completely sweet.
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-31 05:01 pm (UTC)

Re: 4/4

Very very nice. Thank you Anon.

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