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Kink Meme de Nouveau! - Blue and Gold Incorporated — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
All Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, all the time!

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Kink Meme de Nouveau! [May. 27th, 2010|10:56 pm]
All Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, all the time!


[mood |naughtynaughty]

It's been about six months since the old kink meme. I say a new one is in order! (And we Americans will have a whole long weekend to play in it.)

How to play:

1. Anonymously comment with a pairing and kink/prompt, like “Jaime/Paco/Brenda, threesome,” or “Dan Garrett/Joan Mason, handcuffs," or "Ted/Booster, werewolves mate for life, and there's a reason Ted's so hairy.” If you need inspiration, a handy list of kinks can be found here, or you can just look at my mood icon. Oh, Booster.

2. See a prompt you like? Reply anonymously, with fic or art. Multiple responses are encouraged – the more the merrier!

3. Hooray!

The Rules

- No judging and no flaming. If you don’t like someone’s kink, fine. Ignore it and move on.

- No outing. If you know who someone is, keep it to yourself.

- If you write something that might be triggering, like non-con or dubcon, warn for it. I don't care if the prompt is "[Character A] rapes [Character B]" and you figure everyone will know it's non-con; put "TRIGGER WARNING: NON-CON" at the top anyway. Better safe than sorry!

- It doesn’t just have to be Ted/Booster! As long as Booster or a Beetle is involved (yes, you may use Black Beetle), you’re good. So Ted/Babs, Booster/Jay Garrick, Jaime/Jar Jar Binks…it’s all fine. Heck, let’s open it up a bit – Skeets and the other Carters are okay too. (Carters related to Booster – save your Jimmy Carter requests for presidential_kink, politics buffs!)

- You can make multiple requests, but don’t go crazy throwing down requests if there are a ton of unfilled ones. You may also make requests even if you’re not comfortable writing porn yourself, but please don’t be afraid to give writing it a shot. We’re all friends here, and you’re safely anonymous!

- Feel free to repost unfilled prompts from the old kink meme. Heck, feel free to repost filled ones; who doesn't need more Dan Garrett hookerart/fic in their life, am I right?

- Have fun!

From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-29 06:58 am (UTC)


To his credit, he keeps it together throughout the entire shift. It helps that, even with Booster to chat with (they eventually agree that Canary's probably got control enough not to accidentally deafen any boyfriends) this is still deeply uninteresting work, and it's making Ted groggy. He even forgets about his initial plot to get Booster alone and jump him and peel those shiny future-pants right off him, and settles for following him off to his room so Booster can finish the end of the story he's telling. He makes himself at home - as usual - settling comfortably onto Booster's bed, lingering there even when Booster says he's gonna grab a shower.

It's nice, he thinks, this thing that they're doing. At first it was all sort of clumsy and desperate, a lot of sneaking around, making out in inopportune places just because they couldn't stop themselves. But it calmed down, which isn't to say they don't still make out in inopportune places, just that sometimes they can do this - they can come home and sleep together, and it's sleep with a lowercase s, and Booster's sturdy and warm and really great to nestle up to.

Ted's actually starting to drift off when Booster reappears, giving his hair a cursory dry-off before tossing the towel aside; he catches Ted's lazy glance and smiles. Then he turns away and bends down to hunt through his dresser, and suddenly Ted's glance isn't quite so lazy any more.

It's not that Booster just suddenly started having supermodel-good-looks when they first got together - those are nothing new. But Ted never really let himself appreciate Booster before then, not in that particular sense of the word, because they were friends and teammates and he wasn't gay and he was pretty sure Booster wasn't either. All of that is still true, of course. It's just that now, they're having sex on a pretty regular basis, and also, he's crazy in love with Booster and it seems to be mutual. Neither of them have said it, but only because they don't need to.

Booster's humming as he picks through the drawer, and Ted can't take his eyes off the curve of his spine, the perfect lines of his body, the play of muscles and too-smooth skin.

"Hey," he calls on a whim, and Booster looks back over his shoulder. "Don't bother."

Booster raises an eyebrow, then grins and straightens up, sauntering over to flop down into bed next to Ted. "Why, Mr. Kord," he drawls, propping his chin on his hands. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Just a little," Ted answers, rolling onto his side and tugging Booster down into a kiss. Booster makes a happy little sound against his mouth; another, lower, when Ted sucks on his tongue and runs a hand through his hair. Booster has ridiculously good hair, soft and sleek, and Ted breaks off to nuzzle into it as he rolls closer. He ends up with Booster more or less underneath him, and Booster laughs into the pillow, stretching out contently.

"This is 'just a little'?"

"I was rounding down," Ted answers, and bites the back of Booster's neck, which makes him shiver all over in the most endearing way. He loves this, loves feeling Booster against him, warm and damp and smelling like that ridiculous fruity shampoo he uses. Ted's still got the better part of his costume on, which won't do at all; he sits up just long enough to pull the top half off, decides that's good enough for now, and goes back to draping himself all over Booster's back. He's not expecting Booster to roll his hips up, and he must have made some sound at that, because Booster snickers teasingly. Ted retaliates by pinching him, and Booster's indignant yelp fades off into a hum as that pinch turns into more of a grope, a massage, Ted pushing up onto his knees to give himself a little room.

He looks down at Booster's back, at skin that always looks like he just came in out of the sun, at a posture completely relaxed and trusting and, yes, at the best ass he's ever seen - male or female.

How he got this lucky is completely beyond him.
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